Sunday, October 19, 2008

These pictures are actually from today.......

Outside this morning, weather was 52 degrees at 9am. Pretty good for late October WI weather
I wish they were not so dark :(

Minnesota State Fair Fun, Labor Day weekend 08

And Cainen is 18 Months Old!!!!!! And seems to find a new way to make us laugh every single day!!!
I love the picture of my sister and her man Nate acting as if they are going to inhale the brownies. Since she is preggo I told her she can! You look great sis and I am so excited to meet my niece!

We are having a lot of cousins having babies so our summer was filled with baby showers. Here is one of my sister, my aunt Sis, and our cousin Carissa. Carissa just had a baby girl in June and my sister is due with a baby girl in January so we have yet more showers.
We found time to make it to the MN State Fair which was a great time, I just love this picture of the boys getting a caricature done.

August 2008

Carson is 10 and a half, Cainen is 17 Months old and WOW are we busy........Loving every second of it!!!!!

Summer Fun

I should be ashamed of myself....

What a terrible blogger I am....if no one even remembers my blog name I would not blame them. I just suck so bad at it and we got insanely busy! No more excuses, however I am going to stick to pictures and that is it. So beware but you are about to get photo overload.
Since May we have done so many new fun things with the boys and I have done so many new things with my career.
Hopefully these photos will tell our story.
Thanks for the patience and enjoy the boys :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Anyone else excited................

Sex and the City The Movie opens in 3 days!!!!!!!
I am busting at the seams with excitement! My girlfriend is coming home from Eau Claire and we are going to see it, after a few cosmopolitans of course :) This show was every woman's dream, showcasing amazing friendships, high fashion, a story about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. I own all the seasons and I can tell you I have sat up many long lonely Saturday nights watching several discs in a row. I can not wait to see what the girls have been up to!