Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not enough time in a day

WOW!!!!! I feel like such a failure, we were supposed to be at the rink for 7am hockey practice...instead our internal alarm clock decided we would not wake up until the coaches wife called me at 7:14 :( Carson was pretty upset with me and I feel extremely guilty!!!! I brushed my teeth quickly threw on some clothes (beige socks with black shoes....ICK) and off we went. The only way I got Carson out of bed so quick was by promising him french toast sticks from Burger King, hey don't judge it worked!
Now I am on my way back to the rink to pick up the kids socks that match their jerseys before we head to Silver Bay for a game.
Man what a morning, there are plenty of days I wish I didn't need sleep so I could everything done that I would like to.........there just never seems to be enough time!
Hopefully the game will go well and our crazy morning will be forgotten.
Happy Sunday

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Future Packer

What we have been up to

I have been a bad blogger! Life has been crazy busy but I have loads of pics to show you what we have been up to.
Our little Cainen is now 7 months old, he has 4 teeth and is in to everything! He has been crawling now for 3 weeks and can pull himself up onto anything and everything. He is at the stage where he wants things he can not have, his pouty face is the cutest thing ever!!!!! Cainen adores our dog Lambeau and they have become very good buddies since Carson started school. They enjoy looking out our front window together as you will see. Lately Cainen has started getting into his books, not necessarily reading them because apparently they taste good. He loves all kinds of different foods and is a really good eater! He really loves when his brother feeds him as well. Not sure how they manage to do it at such a small age but he just melts our heart, we are in LOVE!
Carson got his first 4th grade report card this Friday and we were thrilled with the results. He is a great student and doing quite well. Carson is an official Spartan now!!!! Hockey is in full swing and I became the team manager. This title comes with plenty of work, as if I am not busy enough right :) We will be traveling alot this year, in fact we will probably put in more than 1100 miles for our tournaments alone. But Carson loves it and he is getting better everyday, he is quit good. Mike and I get goosebumps when we see him on the ice because he loves it and we love to watch him!
As for Mike and I, we are just loving being parents! Life is complete.... kids to keep you on your toes, dreaming with your childen, playing as if nothing else matters in the world, and LOVING unconditionally.
Life is busy but it doesn't get better than this!