Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Anyone else excited................

Sex and the City The Movie opens in 3 days!!!!!!!
I am busting at the seams with excitement! My girlfriend is coming home from Eau Claire and we are going to see it, after a few cosmopolitans of course :) This show was every woman's dream, showcasing amazing friendships, high fashion, a story about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. I own all the seasons and I can tell you I have sat up many long lonely Saturday nights watching several discs in a row. I can not wait to see what the girls have been up to!

Friday, May 23, 2008

14 Months Old

Our little man is getting so big. He is a funny kid and so entertaining. He loves to carry his blanket with him everywhere he goes now, he giggles and smiles constantly, and he is very independent. Cainen will only eat if he can feed himself, which is always a fun mess. What is hilarious is how he loves chasing the dog around and laughs whenever he catches up to Lambeau. I just simply can not explain how much we love our big boy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Go David Go!!!!!!

I am very excited that David Cook won American Idol!!!!
He is amazing, interesting, polite, easy on the eyes, and just an all around talented man! He deserves the success and I am happy to say I have voted for him every week since week one :)
I do have to add that I almost had a heart attack the moment after Ryan announced the winner because Fox ran longer than scheduled so our TIVO stopped recording the second after Ryan said Cook. GASP!!!!! I looked at Mike and then instantly ran to my computer to find the ending on You Tube. Thank goodness I found it or someone was going to have a bad night and that person may have been Mike, ha ha

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spring Concert

I can hardly believe it is time for the annual Spring Concert at school. It is such a fun day for the kids. Cainen was a trooper and had a wonderful time clapping and smiling at all the kids! I should have taken a picture of him enjoying it.
I can remember looking forward to Concert days at school when I was Carson's age. It meant no homework, no real learning, seeing all of your friends dressed up, just an all around fun day. I think the only part I didn't like about concert mornings was my mom brushing my hair. I always thought she pulled my hair too hard. Thinking back now, she didn't of course she was just trying to get me ready. I now know what my mom went through on concert days and lets just say thank goodness I have boys :)
I love being a mom and sitting in the audience watching my son with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye because they just grow up too fast. And Carson is growing into such a handsome young man if I do say so myself! ;)

Sunday Fun Day

This past weekend was full of fun!!!!! Hence Sunday Fun Day.

Cainen loves bath time and his hair is getting quite long

Our little ham

Carson and his friend decided that since the weather was nice they were going to have a bike wash....hysterical, let me tell you. The poor boys did not have one customer so they decided it was time to find a new career! Quote unquote

Carson and his business partner Matt

Cainen's first wagon ride

So many pics so little time to post

I am really bad at keeping up with this!! I have so many pictures to post so I am just going to overload my blog and get them up. The boys are keeping us busy and getting so big way to fast! Thankfully the weather has been allowing us to get out more, the boys sure are loving that as you will see.

Me and my boys at Cainen's first Circus

My gorgeous cousin Carissa 31 weeks pregnant and I before her baby shower

Cainen found a way into big brothers reading chair and already loves Playstation remotes

My boys, all 3 of them

Mr. Cainen Michael