Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chilly Air already?!

What to do on chilly days, it is only 60 degrees in mid August?! Mike is working, Carson is waiting to go golfing, Cainen is sleeping, and I am sitting here staring outside wondering how our summer could have possibly flown by this fast! The winds are whipping, the sun is hiding, and I am cold :(
Please someone tell me there is an Indian Summer ahead of us..........So the answer to my question what to do on a chilly day, I am looking at pics of the boys when we had the hose out and were relaxing in the warm July air! These photos melt my heart and warm me up!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Class of 1997

This past weekend was Mike and my sister Missi's 10 year class reunion. I went with on Friday and had a great time. I was teasing my sister about going to her class reunion but it did not even phase her, in fact she seemed excited and we had a wonderul time! Such a wonderful time in fact that let's just say not many of our friends made it to the second night :O Including us!
To start the evening off with a few laughs we had my mom drop us off for safety purposes in our new mini van, yes I said mini van!! A 2007 Honda Odyssey and I LOVE it!!! All Mike could do was smile when I had told his friends we arrived to his 10 year class reunion in a mini van!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Please Pray with Me

Dear God,

Please take care of my stepmother Judy tomorrow morning as she goes in for surgery to remove one of her kidneys that is infected with the most awful scary thing anyone has to hear.....cancer!
What does one do or feel when they are told they have cancer? I just can not imagine myself in her shoes. I may not have been the best stepdaughter through this process that seemed to last a million years, instead it was only a long 3 weeks!! For this I apologize, everyone deals with important issues differently....right?!
I spoke with Judy this evening and told her I have been thinking of her and I will continue to think of her and pray until I know she is in recovery tomorrow around noon.
Her and my dad are leaving for the hospital at 4am and Judy told me some promising words, she has her faith and all the trust in the world for her wonderful Dr's....that brought tears to my eyes, such hope! I wish you could all see the emotion in my face and the scare in my heart as another challenge approaches my family. I know when there is a will there is a way and this bump in the road too shall pass.
Thank you God for everything you have ever given me and the people that have so wonderfully richened my life, it is so much sweeter with people like Judy in it!! I plan to go to bed tonight and take myself on a journey full of good times, loads of laughs, gallons of tears, 16 years of trials and tribulations, and most importantly how much I love Judy! Dad I know this is not easy for you but you were the one that taught me "Everything happens for a reason!"
I know God you would not put Judy, the girls, or my brilliant father through this if they could not handle it! Please God let us all hear the words CANCER FREE tomorrow so we can move on with our show and put this nightmare behind us :)
In Jesus name,

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

60 Years of Bliss

Yesterday was my Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary and my Grandpa Wally's 80th Birthday!!!!!! They have 5 children, 34 grandchildren, and the last time my grandfather counted there are 23 great grandchildren. WOW................
What a true inspiration these two have been to me, I can not say it enough "I love you both!" Thank you for everything!!!
A party was held in their honor on Saturday and I know Gram and Gramp enjoyed themselves!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Heart is Bleeding for Minneapolis

I can not tell you how many times I have traveled over that bridge. My heart is aching and as I stare at the images on the TV screen I am numb, I can not even begin to imagine what is must be like for everyone involved. My cell phone was getting a busy signal last night every time I went to use it and I was wondering why, 15 minutes later is when I received word about this tragedy and within seconds I had my answer to all the busy signals. Families and friends were dialing frantically to contact one another.
We are 160 miles away, yet so close. Mike's best friend is a police officer in Minneapolis so Mike called to make sure he and his family were safe. Low and behold Josh answered and told Mike he is on a 20 hour stretch right now and working just under the bridge. Mike and I were watching the Today show this morning and one of the images we saw was a school bus barely hanging on the bridge, well that is were Josh is working......right below that bus! Poor Josh, thankfully he is ok but what he is witnessing must be very difficult. Josh hang in there buddy, we are praying for you!!! As I am praying for everyone in the city of Minneapolis!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Carson's Sports

Well Carson's baseball team is officially out of the playoffs, losing their last game by one run. The bottom of the last inning and bases were loaded with 2 pressure on the poor kid that was up to bat, I was just thankful it wasn't Carson (although I know he could have done it)
Here are a few pics of my favorite ball player! Our future ball player too, Cainen had a blast at the games and was a real hit with the kids.
Another fun wonderful year of ball and the kids did awesome!!
Tonight we are off to hockey, not a bad place to be when it is 90 outside. A nice cool hockey arena :)